How To Spot And Repair A Boiler Emitting Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is often described as the “silent killer”. If a gas boiler is faulty and in need of repair, whether through regular use or because it has been poorly maintained, it may produce carbon monoxide. A clear, scentless gas, it is very difficult to know when carbon monoxide is leaking but it can be life-threatening if it is – an average of 50 people are killed every year from it.

Your boiler should be checked at least once every year by a qualified plumbing professional to ensure there are no leaks, which could be harming members of your household. They should also be maintained independently by venting and purging the radiators (unless this is done automatically). Doing so will ensure your boiler remains in perfect working condition and you are not running any health risks. However, these preventative measures are not foolproof and there is always a chance that you could have a leak nonetheless.

But how might you spot these things from happening? One of the best ways to spot if you have a carbon monoxide leak in your home is to be careful of common symptoms. If blurred vision, dizziness or dull headaches are quite common this is perhaps something you should investigate. You may also have a leak coming from your boiler if you notice gas flames burning an orange or yellow colour instead of blue. Similarly, it will not be as easy to light fires if there is a leak so this could be a good indicator.

So, if you do believe that your boiler has a leak, what are the next steps you should be taking? Southwest Plumber has qualified plumbers in Bristol and its surrounding areas who can be contacted to come and investigate your property. If they confirm there is a problem with your boiler, Southwest Plumber will be able to service it or provide your home with a brand new one.

Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous substance which can make you severely ill, or put your life in peril, if a large amount is inhaled. Making sure you have a boiler in perfect condition will prevent this from happening so ensure yours is in prime condition. Furthermore, if you are concerned yours is emitting dangerous carbon monoxide gases, get in touch with Southwest Plumber as soon as possible. Our team will sort the problem out quickly and affordably so you can have a healthy household once again.

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