Five Common Reasons A Boiler May Need Repairing

Boilers provide an essential service for home owners by administering hot water and central heating during the coldest months of the year. However, boilers can be temperamental if they are not regularly serviced to ensure the boilers are working properly. Many home owners will have experienced the inconvenience of a broken boiler. But why are they so prone to breakdowns and faults? Here are five common reasons why boilers might break:

1. Frozen Plumbing

If a boiler breaks it is more likely to happen in the winter months than the summer ones. This is because when temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius (and unfortunately this is not uncommon in the United Kingdom) the water in a boiler or in the pipes could freeze. If the plumbing does freeze, it will stop the boiler from working and you will need a repairman to get it back running again.

2. Lack Of Use

Another reason why boiler breakdowns happen more commonly during the winter months than the summer ones is due to their usage – or lack thereof. During the summer most people won’t use a boiler or may only use them sporadically. The warm weather will mostly render the need for them obsolete. However, when the cold hits, boilers will be expected to provide their services on a daily basis. This will sometimes put pressure on the airlocks, diaphragms and motorised valves which are suddenly being made to work overtime. This might cause faults with your boiler.

3. Damaged In The Pipes

However, boiler faults don’t always begin with the boiler itself. It can very often be the pipe work running to and from it. These can become damaged in a number of ways – for instance, if they become slogged with debris, air or fluid that does not allow them to work properly. Circulation will be hindered if this has happened and your boiler may be affected as a result. You can sometimes resolve this problem by flushing out the central heating system (or requesting the services of a professional who can do it for you)

4. Leaks In The Boiler

One of the most common things people are told to check for if they believe there is a fault with their plumbing is leakage. Leaks in the boiler are regularly part of the reason why a boiler might breakdown. Home owners are recommended to investigate their boiler and try to identify any evidence of this occurring.

5. Giving Up In Old Age

Boilers are no different from any product; if they have been in your house for a long time they might just stop working due to old age. No amount of repair or service can fix a boiler that has simply been used for a few too many years. If your boiler has broken down, and you have had it for a long time, maybe it is unfortunately time to invest in a brand new one.

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