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Overflow Systems

The Waste and Overflow is an important part of your bathroom. It is a fixture that has both a stoppable drain and an “overflow” part that allows water to drain away before it overflows at the top rim.

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Overflow Systems Cost Explained

Our promise is to always be fair honest and open on pricing. Overflow Systems can vary based on fitting requirements it would be unfair of us to mislead you with an ambiguous price. Therefore, we carry out a full on-site inspection before giving you our best price.

Overflow Systems

The bathroom waste

The Bathroom Waste and Overflow (BWO) is an important part of your bathtub. It is a fixture that has both a stoppable drain and an “overflow” part that allows water to drain away before it overflows at the top rim. “Bath Waste” refers to the used water after you take a bath or shower. It is effectively the drain; it just uses different language in its title. A Bath Waste and Overflow has a stoppable drain - this is what makes it possible for the tub to fill with water when you want to take a bath.

Types of basin waste

A waste is an essential part of any basin. It fits closely within the waste hole, acts as an exit for wastewater, and keeps the plumbing system free of foreign objects. Before buying a basin waste you will need to figure out if you need a slotted or unslotted design. It is important to get this right, as a slotted waste is not suitable for a basin without an overflow as it will simply not fit, and an unslotted waste will not fit a basin with an overflow.

Do I need a slotted or an unslotted waste?

Basin wastes are available as slotted and unslotted designs. If your basin has an overflow it will need a slotted waste, but if it does not have an overflow, an unslotted waste is needed.

  • Slotted - basins with an overflow

  • Unslotted - basins without an overflow

Standard plug and chain wastes

Still a popular choice, standard plug and chain wastes have been around for many years. They form of a plug fastened to the end of a chain, which in turn is fixed to a small hole in the basin. These are only suitable for use with basins that have two tap holes.

Push button basin wastes

A popular choice, push button basin wastes are used by simply pushing down on the central button which allows the sink to fill, and then pushing again to open for draining. Simple to use, a push button waste creates a sleek, minimal look.

Flip top basin wastes

Flip top wastes are a spinning plug that can easily be turned by hand and spins 180 degrees to open and close. This type of waste creates a modern look and is easy to use.

Pop-up basin wastes

Pop-up basin wastes are run using a lever and rod mechanism. The metal plug rests on a horizontal rod that is connected through a small bracket arrangement to a vertical rod. The plug is opened by pushing the vertical rod downwards, which then causes the horizontal rod to rise lifting the plug. The plug is closed by lifting the vertical rod up allowing the weight of the metal plug to close the waste.

Types of bath waste

From exposed to pop-up and push button styles, bath wastes are also available in a range of designs, here we explain the different options to help you make the right decision to suit your bath.

Joint bath fillers and wastes

Joint bath fillers and wastes are the perfect choice if you want to create a fuss-free minimal look. A joint bath filler and waste allows the bath to be filled without the need for a conventional tap. The bath filler is fitted into the bath’s overflow hole and is easily controlled to mix the water feed. The pop-up waste is run by turning a section of the overflow mechanism, which opens and closes the waste. This type of waste requires a concealed shower valve or deck mounted valves to fill the bath when required.

Standard bath wastes

Standard plug and chain bath wastes are a common style. They feature a plug fastened to the end of a chain, which in turn is fixed to an overflow grill, which is fitted to the overflow hole drilled in the bath. Standard bath wastes are usually supplied with a plug, chain, overflow pipe and overflow cover.

Pop-up bath wastes

Pop-up bath wastes feature a cable that is connected from a control handle, usually at the overflow point of the bath, to a metal plug. As you turn the control handle, the cable moves the plug into position to open or close the waste fitting. The control handle also acts to cover the overflow hole of the bath, which supplies a neat, modern solution.

Push button bath wastes

Like a push button basin waste, this style is run by simply pushing down the button, which allows the bath to fill, pushing again opens for draining. If you want to create a clean, modern look, this style is an excellent choice.

Exposed bath wastes

Exposed wastes have been specially designed for use with traditional separate baths, they usually have a plug and chain, but some do have a more modern pop-up mechanism. The waste pipe runs outside the bath and conceals the overflow pipe which connects to the waste. Featuring a chrome finish, they can be used in conjunction with a shallow seal p-trap and exposed bath shrouds – these conceal the hot and cold pipes that run to the bath taps.

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