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Conventional Heating Systems

When talking about ‘conventional systems,’ we are normally referring to a heat-only boiler, which has two cold-water tanks in the loft space and a hot water tank, normally found in the airing cupboard.

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Conventional Heating Cost Explained

Our promise is to always be fair honest and open on pricing. Boiler faults can vary so often it would be unfair of us to mislead you with an ambiguous price when several unexpected issues could present themselves on inspection. Therefore, its key we carry out a full inspection before giving you our best price.

What we can say jobs can start from as low as £69.00, and our average boiler repairs £89.00. New boiler installations start from £1299.00.

Conventional Heating Systems

Conventional Heating

What is conventional heating?

When talking about ‘conventional systems,’ we are normally referring to a heat-only boiler, which has two cold-water tanks in the loft space and a hot water tank, normally found in the airing cupboard.

A system boiler is very much like a heat-only boiler, except you do not require the feed and expansion cold-water tanks in the loft.

Should I consider replacing my conventional boiler?

Conventional boilers can take quite some time to warm up, making simple tasks such as washing dishes or taking a bath more difficult and more time consuming than needs be. On a cost front, they are also more expensive to run compared to your combi boiler which gives you instant hot water.

A combi boiler, work by supplying hot water without the need for a hot or cold-water tank. If you turn the hot water taps on, the boiler will fire up and heat the water coming out of the pipes. Since you do not need to store the hot water before you use it (i.e. there is no hot water tank), these tend to be considered more efficient.

When to consider a combi boiler

You can in theory change your heating system any time, but the best time to do this is during a general renovation (supplied the boiler is working okay!). Carrying out this work when you renovate will help minimise upheaval since things like running new pipes under floors are complicated if there is a nice carpet in place! Adding any new radiators to the system will obviously make this a bigger job, as will a system conversion when you move from a system or heat-only boiler (with tanks) to a combi.

If you are carrying out renovation work, you should also try and install as much insulation as you can at the same time as installing a new heating system – this will lower your gas demand since heat will leave the home more slowly and therefore you should see even bigger energy savings.

Is it worth swapping to a combi boiler?

If you have a small house and you are already tight for space, then combi boilers are a fantastic solution. Also, if you are just moving into a property and will be carrying out extensive restoration, then having a new heating system installed at this time is ideal.

On the other hand, if you have a large house with extensive hot water demand at any one time, you may want to go for a system/regular boiler.

Also, if you are on a tight budget, the system conversion will add to the overall costs.

Emergency Plumber

Whether you are looking to service your boiler, replace your boiler or move from ‘oil to gas’ it is essential to find the right heating engineer to undertake any work. A professional heating engineer will provide you with all the information and advice you need to consider your options. They will supply quotes and provide peace of mind that all work is carried out to proper standards.

It is essential you use a Gas Safe registered engineer to install, service or check gas appliances including boilers. To carry out work on gas installations and appliances safely and legally, gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.

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